"Intro to Reiki"

Ignite your spiritual gift of healing.


  • Find out if you are a good candidate for Reiki Attunements and Reiki Healer Certification.
  • Better understand what REIKI and Universal Life Force Energy is.
  • Experience the power of Reiki with a long-distance Reiki healing.
  • Learn how Reiki can increase your intuition and awaken your spiritual gift of healing.

Reiki Changed My Life & It Can Change Yours Too

About Julie Geigle

Spiritual Coach, Psychic Medium, Healer

As a psychic medium, spiritual coach, and healer I've learned that life is much easier when you embrace your gifts and surrender than when you try to do it all by yourself and go it alone.


That’s why I am delighted to offer an "Introduction to Reiki" free masterclass to see if you are a good candidate for our REIKI SERIES program.


The Golden Age is here and we are all needed now more than ever to embrace our gifts and step into our power as a healer.


I've been honored to serve many in my 15 years of being a Reiki Master Teacher and I am delighted to assist you on your journey of awakening to your gifts as a healer.


Very nice. When you said, "or whatever area you need" I was guided to my lungs... breathing in a white light and exhaling a black smoke. Very intense healing Julie. Thank you!!!! ~ Geri


Thank you so much for this. I feel so much more relaxed and calm throughout my life. More positive and little things don’t bug me anymore.  ~ Sheri on April 12, 2022


Oh, Julie, that was fabulous!!! I really loved the part about the golden liquid, it felt so warm and full of love. My gut definitely enjoyed the experience. I have to say I got really thirsty at the end and so I drank a lot of water. I think that helped too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Helen


Thank you, thank you Julie for this healing. I could feel pulsating in my hands and a beautiful calm and relaxing feeling in my body. God bless you for creating this healing I can use again and again.   ~ Aida