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Bob Olson interviews filmmaker Wagner de Assis
about Chico Xavier’s version of the spirit world.

Released on December 6, 2011 in the United States, Astral City is one of the top selling movies in Brazilian history. It was seen by over 2 million people in the first week alone, and was the most expensive production ever made in Brazil. Among it’s many awards, Astral Citywon the Cinema Brazil Grande Prize for Best Special Effects.

Astral City (and Nosso Lar, the book) is the story of one man’s journey after death throughout the spiritual world. It’s a heartwarming story that teaches about love, peace and forgiveness, and it touches a lot of deep questions about the human condition. Writer and director Wagner de Assis says of the film, “It’s a story that moves you, that makes you think and reflect about our origins. It has provoked intense reactions in many people, presenting concepts such as ‘unconscious suicide,’ the application of the spiritual law of action and reaction, and the new paradigms of living with the knowledge that life goes on, that the grave is not the end.”


To purchase the Astral City: A Spiritual Journey DVD on To visit the Astral City Facebook page: To watch a trailer for Astral City: YouTube Video. To Purchase Chico Xavier’s book in English:


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