If today were your last day…

I was just listening to a great song on the radio (If Today Were Your Last Day by Nickleback) and it got me to thinking…

If today were my last day I would:

1.  Make sure I kissed everybody before they left the house for work/school.
2.  Take a long, hot, steamy bath with loads of epsom salt and bubbles listening to soft music.
3.  I would wear my sexist undergarments (instead of saving them for a special occasion) and my comfortable jeans with my favorite sweater I’ve had for 20 years and still look great in.
4.  I would have breakfast with my mother and sisters because breakfast is my favorite meal.
5.  I would walk the dogs because I love the fresh air and know they appreciate getting outside.
6.  I would have bloodymary’s with my girlfriends for lunch because yep sometimes we’re naughty like that.
7.  I would take an afternoon nap with my dogs curled up in my lap and the heater blowing right on me.
8.  I would eat a turtle muffin for a snack.
9.  I would go out to dinner with my family at Famous Dave’s or Applebee’s and head over to DQ for a reese’s pb cup blizzard.
10. I would spend the evening enjoying a funny movie with popcorn and A&W rootbeer.
11.  I won’t tell you what I’d do all night long – that will be my little secret.
12.  And then I, like the rest of the world, prefer to pass while I sleep at night curled up in my husband’s arms.

Yes, boring I know, but I’ve really given this a lot of thought.

I love my life simple.

I don’t need any fancy places or creative excursions to be happy…I just need family, friends and FOOD.

What would you do if today were your last day? 

UBC: Day 28

Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is an international psychic medium, spiritual teacher of the Golden Age Mission and manifesting diva. She teaches people on a spiritual journey how to find inner peace and live the happiest version of themselves. Julie is the creator of Lightworker's Academy, online courses to assist you on the journey of awakening and enlightenment. Create more joy in your life when you sign up for our weekly Energy Forecast and receive your free gift "Manifesting Miracles" audio download.

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