Lightworker's Academy Presents...

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Free Introductory Masterclass

  • Short quiz will determine if you are a Lightworker.
  • Better understand what a Lightworker is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Learn what type of Lightworker you are and how to best function in the modern world.
  • Guided meditation to help you tune in and connect with your spiritual team + remove blocks.

When You Surrender & Trust Miracles Happen


Free Introductory Masterclass

Are you an Earth Angel?

Have you ever been called a Lightworker?

Are strange things happening in your life?

Join International Psychic Medium, Divine Channel for Archangel Metatron, Spiritual Teacher, & Healer, JULIE GEIGLE, for our free masterclass:

"Ignite Your Light & Glow"

This MASTERCLASS is designed to help you awaken and expand to connect directly with your own Spiritual Team thereby igniting your spiritual gifts and allowing you to serve humanity in a bigger and brighter way.

About Julie Geigle

Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium, Healer

As a psychic medium, spiritual teacher, healer, and manifesting diva, I've learned that life is much easier when you embrace your gifts and surrender than when you try to do it all by yourself and go it alone.


That’s why I created Lightworker's Academy.


The Golden Age is coming and we are all needed now more than ever to shine our light, our love, and our joy.


I've been honored to serve many in my 20+ years of being a Lightworker and I am delighted to assist you on your journey into awakening and beyond.