FREE WEBINAR! Introduction to Reiki

This is an "Introduction to Reiki" and does not include an attunement.  The link to watch the free webinar is on the confirmation page once you register and will be sent in an email message.

I'm honored to teach this free "Introduction to Reiki"with my master and guide, Metatron, whom I channel during the actual attunements.

I can also feel the Pleiadian energy very strongly around me as well as the Reiki masters and guides from beyond. They are ALL very excited to assist in these sacred Reiki Attunements.

Whether you are interested in becoming attuned to practice Reiki for yourself or not ALL ARE WELCOME to join this free introduction!

→  Learn what Reiki is and how it can help you heal and open your intuition or psychic medium gifts as you desire.

→  Listen to others ask questions and see if a Reiki certification would be a good fit for you.

→  PLUS experience the power of Reiki with a long-distance Reiki healing.


intro reiki 2
Reiki healing hands

In this Class You Will Learn...

* What is Universal Life Force energy?
* How can we use this energy to heal?
* What is Reiki?
* What is a Reiki attunement?
* How can it help me?
* Is Reiki a good fit for me?
* How can I incorporate Reiki into my practice?
* How can I use Reiki in my life?
* Can Reiki benefit my friends and family?
* How does Reiki help increase my intuition?
* Can Reiki open my connection with my Spiritual Team?