Chakra Crystal Bed Therapy

Now offering CHAKRA CRYSTAL BED THERAPY in Eau Claire, WI with a John of God Crystal Bed from the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil!

I was led by spirit to purchase a John of God Crystal Bed which focuses on clearing and aligning your chakras while I was in Brazil in 2016.

I have been guided by the Casa Entities to offer people the opportunity to experience the lights of the chakra crystal bed for healing and balancing of the energy field for optimal health. It is also excellent for clearing any negative attachments or negative energy in your auric field. It returns your energetic field to its purest state of love.

Remote healing is also available for those who are out of the Eau Claire, WI area.

The remote healing has been quite powerful and exciting.

  1. I write your name on an index card with 3 issues you’d like to work on and I text you “You’re healing has now begun” with a photo of your card under the bed with the lights flashing.
  2. Then I act as a surrogate on the bed with you for the first 10 min of the 50 min healing.
  3. Sometimes I “get” stuff psychically but not always.
  4. When the session is over I text you “your healing is now complete” and I also share anything that came up during your healing.

Click here for more information on the powerful healing that can occur with a John of God Chakra CRYSTAL BED also known as COLOR & LIGHT THERAPY.