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1. Free Gift

Download and listen to your free gift NOW and begin changing your life today. Free gift!  “Manifesting Miracles” audio training to begin taking control of your life today download now...

Included are super simple tips on manifesting and creating a life full of passion and purpose. It epitomizes all I stand for and all I teach. A tiny glimpse into what it's like inside my world.


2. Free Masterclass

If you missed our free masterclass that kicks off our Lightworkers Academy let me know ASAP so I can send you the replay.

You'll also find it in the Course Portal when I send details for your lifetime access to the Core Training & 4 Bonus Training Modules.


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Meeting ID: 841 2649 8781
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Meeting ID: 841 2649 8781#
Passcode: 2022#


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5. What you’ll need:

  1. A journal or notepad - to write notes.
  2. A quiet space to make the most of this healing experience.
  3. Join us 15 min early to ground the energy and listen to the Moola Mantra.
  4. To increase the energy even more you can listen to the moola mantra daily until we meetMoola Mantra:

6. Expectations are Important

And just to be clear (because we don't like surprises either) since you registered for our "Lightworkers Academy" you will also receive our Free Numerology Reading – filled with inspiration, activations & healings – that will magically appear in your inbox on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month...

Julie's FREE Numerology Reading
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  • AFFIRMATIONS to empower you
  • Live VIDEO broadcast to connect in real time
  • WRITTEN blog post for those who prefer a summary


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We are delighted to have you join us and I'm certain you're going to find huge value in learning how to turn your sensitivity into your superpower and manifest with the Angels!

Don't forget to pick up your Free gift!  “Manifesting Miracles” audio download click here...

And so we begin~
Julie/Metatron  💙💜