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Topic: "Lightworkers Meetup"

Click this link to join the live meeting:


Open the ZOOM app on any device and click "JOIN" and enter in...

Meeting ID:  824 2498 1196

Passcode: 2021

Smartphone: +1 301 715 8592

*Replay will be posted in the Messenger group 24-48 hrs after the live meeting. Scroll down for info on how to connect with me on Messenger.


BONUS... you will be added to our NEW Messenger or Telegram healing group. Scroll down to see full instructions.


Are we connected on Messenger (or Telegram)?

Send me a message on MESSENGER so I can add you. My handle is


Julie Meider Geigle

So I can add you asap!


* Don't forget to MUTE notifications on the Messenger group tap the title of the group and tap "snooze" to turn the bell off.

I also have a group on TELEGRAM for those who prefer that venue but you'll need to reply to this message with your phone number in order for me to add you to that group.


Much love,
Julie/Metatron xoxo 


"Lightworkers Meetup + 21 Days of Spiritual Healing"

  • As soon as you register you will be added to a special group on MESSENGER (or Telegram) for the BONUS 21 Days of Healing.
  • At 7am CST I post in the group to let you know the healing has begun
  • Everything is happening in the now so as soon as you connect with our group by posting an emoji the healing has specifically begun for you and lasts for 7min from the time you post the emoji.
  • There is NOTHING you need to do but enjoy
    • At any time throughout the day you simply post an emoji prayer hands in the group - one time only.
    • There is an Ekam Mantra audio you are invited to listen to for 7 min at ANY TIME throughout the day to increase the healing (optional)
    • When I've completed the healing for each person in the group I post prayer hands to let you know the healing has been activated and ready for you to receive it when you post your prayer hands.
    • You will receive the healing whether or not you post the emoji but it is more powerful when you consciously connect to it.


The Lightworker Meetup is 2-fold: 

1. Designed to create a sacred space for the Divine to flow abundantly into your life.

2. Creating a self-sustaining spiritual community "5D pods of light" (as Metatron calls it) that thrive during difficult times.

We look forward to connecting with you and continuing our conversation regarding 2021 and the global and economic changes that we are currently in.


Your payment includes access into our ...

Inner Circle - A place to heal, a place to grow, a place to connect with like-minded souls.

Moving Forward with Love & Preparedness,
Julie/Metatron + SriAmmaBhagavan