Awakening & Beyond

I am gathering people together to create special, sacred 4th & 5th-dimensional communities.


Whether you live down the street from me or not, Lightworkers will be gathering people together in our own areas creating sacred "pods of light."

These pods will serve to assist in creating a self-sustaining community as well as accelerating the vibrational frequency to align with your spiritual team in a stronger and clearer manner.




  1. We open with a powerful healing from Metatron and the Reiki Masters.
  2. Sharing reflections and realizations from group members.
  3. Discussion and teaching on awakening/enlightenment and how to be a light.
  4. Close with a sacred transmission of Deeksha.

"21 Days of Spiritual Healing"

*Bonus when you sign up for "Lightworkers Meetup"

As soon as I receive your information,  I will add you to a special group on MESSENGER (I also have a WHATSAPP group if you prefer that venue.)


→  At 7am CST I post in the group to let you know the healing has begun

→  There is NOTHING you need to do but enjoy

→  At any time throughout the day you simply post an emoji prayer hands

→  There is an Ekam Mantra audio you are invited to listen to for 7 min at ANY TIME throughout the day to increase the healing (optional)

→  When I've completed the healing for each person in the group I post prayer hands one time

→  Be sure to turn your notifications off on this group if you need help ask me.

Angel Healing

What is Smarana Deeksha?


Smarana DEEKSHA is a sacred long-distance blessing or benediction given to the receiver. It connects the receiver and the giver with the Divine. It opens both to a world of miracles.

I've been initiated in India March 2020 to share Smarana Deeksha which will ...

*Boosts Immune System
*Increases Happiness & Joy
*Calms the Mind
*Opens Love in Your Heart

I know there's some crazy stuff happening in the world right now and my #1 goal is to help you stay grounded, healthy and filled with light!

Universal Life Force Energy


I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and certified in Ho'oponopono.

What I have found is that with all the training and initiations I've received over the past 15 years the energy just continues to build every day and becomes more powerful.

All energy comes from the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE, or God, as it is to me.

When you receive this transmission you are awakened to a sacred dimension in your consciousness.

Each will have a personal experience of this higher self and your brain and consciousness will open to the Universal Intelligence or the God experience.


You may also experience...

1. The Divine in a deeper and more personal way.

2. Your brain's addictive neural circuits that channel the destructive tendencies of the unconscious break and new neural connections that awaken beautiful states are formed.

3. Healing in your relationships.

4. Shifts and healing in your body.

5. Life will become a beautiful flow of coincidences taking you closer to your peace and joy.

And so much more!

Awakening & Beyond

(date for meeting is posted on the registration page)