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Have your ANCHOR (crystal/pendant) in your hand and rub it as you read this light activation exercise.


Take a cleansing breath ~ breathing in wealth, health, love, & joy exhaling blocks to wealth, health, love & joy.


Now imagine a beautiful light in the sky, almost like a heavenly LIGHTHOUSE. And as you tune into this LIGHTHOUSE, feel the light shining down brilliantly on you.


First, it touches the top of your head and then moves swiftly down through your whole body cleansing, clearing and releasing any blocks or interference to your Divine abundance.

Now imagine a beautiful swirling energy of love moving down through your body replacing all the blocks and interference with love, pure, unconditional love.

Repeat after me:

I am worthy.
I am deserving.
I am enough.
I am abundant in ALL ways and ALWAYS.

By the grace of God it is so.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You are now in a bubble of love and light surrounded by pure and positive energies. You are now ready to begin manifesting abundance.


Read for the Group

Think about everyone in the Manifesting Mastermind #11 group and read this paragraph envisioning everyone standing together in this energy.

WE (Julie G, Bonnie, Julie B, Jean F, Kathy R, Helen, Betty A, Susan W, Suzy C, Cece, Lesley L, Drew H, Yvonne T, Amanda E, Connie B, Jil A, Michele H, Diane C, Martha M, Mohammad, Mary G, Priscilla A, Terri M, Renee K, Susan B, Kee-Kee, Brinkley S, Morgan M, Karla, David, Dawn B, Sue K, Lena N, Jessica N, Susan D, Jessica Y, Rebecca S, Yvonne P, Karen G, Ann B, Lissette V, Lisa C, Mary Ann A, Kate F, Karin I, Jean M, Ginny F, Linda K, Helen C, Jason A, Kelly M, Toni B, Rebecca L, Dawn A, Selene P, Linda S, Lollie H, Linda W, Amanda O, Megan M, Jeff S,  Terri T, Beverley F, Lisette V, Jen B, Teresa M, Dacia M, Lia T, 83+ & anyone else who signed up after Jan 8th) stand together hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm and say:


Week 1 Wealth 

Day 1 Monday  “The Journey to Abundance Begins” WE open OUR connection to God and the unlimited supply of the Universe.  OUR subconscious mind delivers to US all that which WE desire which is in OUR highest good.  Whenever WE rub OUR “anchor” WE ARE using it as a tuning fork to connect OUR conscious mind to OUR subconscious mind and opening up the portal to the unlimited possibilities of God and the Universe.

As WE make OUR request for OUR desires WE surrender and trust that WE receive whatever is in OUR highest good quickly and easily. OUR subconscious mind knows what OUR Divine life plan is and as WE open to receive direction from OUR subconscious mind WE become attuned and aligned with that plan.  Today and from now on WE release all blocks and limitations and open up to receive the abundance in OUR LIVES that is OURS by Divine right.


Day 2 Tuesday  “I Am One with God, the Divine Source”  WE ARE part of God, the Divine Source Energy, and God is part of US.  When WE chose to come here to this planet WE brought with US a “Godspark” of energy so that WE would always be connected to the Divine.  WE ARE made in the perfect image of God, the Divine Source Energy, and have access to all the powers of God and the Universe.

WE are a direct link to unlimited wealth, health, love, and joy. The only thing that stops US from tapping into this unlimited potential is OURSELVES.  WE ARE now OPEN to receiving abundance and unlimited prosperity that is OURS by DIVINE right. WE clear, release and let go of any limiting beliefs and interference and receive FREELY with infinite gratitude and love.


Day 3 Wednesday “Practice Manifesting” WE ARE now completely confident that WE ARE aligned with OUR SOUL and that all things grand and glorious are correctly manifesting for US at this precise moment and will arrive in the perfect time. Today and every day, WE manifest unexpected moments of bliss and joy which increase OUR manifesting abilities. WE trust in God and the unending and unlimited source of the Universe to bring US OUR desires instantly and easily for OUR highest good. In the next 28 days, or sooner, OUR INTENTIONS WILL BE FULFILLED.


Day 4 Thursday “Dissolving Interference” WE now REJECT that money is evil and it’s selfish to want more.  WE reject that if OUR parents were poor than WE have to be poor.  WE reject that WE have to work hard to get money and that living paycheck to paycheck is enough.  WE reject that only some people can be wealthy and that money isn’t that important.  WE reject that money slips through OUR fingers and WE don’t deserve to be rich.  WE ACCEPT the truth that OUR soul came to this planet to experience an avalanche of abundance, it is OUR Divine Life Plan.  WE accept that WE can have it all and WE ARE not selfish to want more.

WE EMBRACE that money comes to US easily and with little effort on OUR part. WE TRUST that no matter how rich WE ARE WE will ALWAYS have time for OURSELVES and OUR FAMILIES. WE ENGAGE the new belief system that the richer WE get the more time WE have and the more money WE have to help others.  Wealth now flows into OUR LIVES immediately, easily and in OUR highest good.  WE see money coming to US in unexpected ways.  WE see OUR bank accounts overflowing. WE see cash flowing freely in OUR LIVES.  WE feel good about the energy of money.  WE have a reverence and respect for money which opens up a gateway of abundance in all areas of OUR LIVES.


Day 5 “Start From Where You Are” Today WE give thanks to God, the Divine Source Energy, for all of the beauty and magic in OUR LIVES. WE ARE grateful for the people in OUR LIVES to love. WE ARE grateful for the flow of money in OUR LIVES that takes care of OUR needs and the needs of OUR FAMILIES.  WE ARE grateful that WE ARE a part of God who is the creator of all of this magnificence.  WE ARE grateful for the new successes and new miracles that are coming to EACH AND EVERYONE OF US NOW. WE ARE grateful for believing that WE have the power to create OUR own reality which instantly MANIFESTS for US now in OUR highest good.


WEEK 2 HEALTH: Day 6 Monday “I Listen. I Trust. I Take Guided Action” WE trust that WE came into this life for a reason and whatever health issues WE have are part of that plan. WE open OUR hearts and OUR minds to direct OUR steps in the direction that is for OUR highest good. WE ARE ready to release any blocks or interference that WE may have to OUR perfect health and OUR perfect weight. WE may have wandered off track but WE ARE here now, ready to take action and do what needs to be done to be whole again.

As WE release OUR fears and trust that God, the Divine Source Energy, has a plan WE become so much calmer inside and so much more relaxed. OUR whole outlook on life begins to improve and WE take each day as it comes. WE feel a sense of acceptance, a feeling of peace and serenity deep within US. And with every fiber of OUR being, WE know that WE can overcome any health challenges WE have.  WE ARE open to receiving Divine guidance.  WE listen. WE trust. WE take guided action now.


Day 7 Tuesday “Activating My Intuition” Today WE activate OUR INTUITION simply through OUR intention to open up to receive messages from OUR Spiritual Team, that group of beings in the sky that walk with US daily guiding and guarding OUR every move. WE ARE now able to call on OUR angels and guides at will. They are always there for US. WE feel comfort in knowing that WE have Divine assistance. WE now have the ability to automatically receive messages that OUR Spiritual Team wishes to speak or write through US.

WE envision a beautiful beam of light shining down on ALL OF US FOR healing.  WE allow OUR cells to open up receiving the love and light of this force which is cleansing and clearing anything that no longer serves US. WE remain open to the light force of God, the Divine Source Energy, which heals US on every level of OUR being. OUR BODIES remain healthy and operate perfectly for EACH OF US every single day and in every way.


Day 8 Wednesday “What You Think About You Bring About” WE ARE ONE WITH OUR word. What WE say and what WE think creates OUR reality. WE only dwell on that which WE desire and let go of that which WE do not desire for WE know the loop that fear and frustration creates. WE break the cycle of destruction now. WE break free from old limiting beliefs and programmed thought patterns from other people in OUR LIVES.

WE ARE no longer held bondage by other people’s perception of US. WE ARE reprogramming OUR subconscious for abundance. WE stand in the light and glow from the inside out. WE take charge of OUR health and follow OUR intuition. As WE step into OUR power WE move into alignment with God, the Divine Source Energy, and abundance of health flows freely. Every day and in every way WE pour blessings with OUR words in all areas of OUR LIVES: health, wealth, love and joy.


Day 9 Thursday “I Am the Source of My Perfect Health” WE ARE the source of OUR perfect health. OUR subconscious holds the blueprint of OUR perfect health and WE have instant and immediate access to that which WE ARE through OUR Godspark, that tiny part of God, the Divine Source Energy that is within US.  This Godspark is OUR link to perfect health as it contains all of the powers of God and the infinite universe and connects US to OUR subconscious mind which houses OUR perfect health blueprint. OUR Spiritual Team has full knowledge of this blueprint and they assist US daily in accessing this information for OUR highest good.

WE live in confidence knowing that anything WE desire regarding OUR health or otherwise WE manifest now. Anything WE intend, think about, or focus on WE bring into OUR awareness and create in OUR reality instantly, easing OUR journey and fulfilling OUR divine life mission.  It no longer takes forever.  WE have opened the portal; the connection is flawless. The way is simple, clear and WE execute immediately without question. WE command OUR perfect blueprint to work automatically 24/7 bringing US insights and inspiration to heal OUR body and return to OUR perfect health which is OURS by Divine right. Every day and in every way this happens automatically bringing many blessings of health, wealth, love and joy into OUR LIVES.


Day 10 Friday “The Power of Now” WE choose to align with the POWER OF NOW and the possibilities of infinite abundance in OUR LIVES. On the spiritual plane WE have perfect health. On the spiritual plane there is no disease or dis-ease. On the spiritual plane WE ARE perfectly perfect in all ways. WE can bring this perfection into the earth plane simply by becoming aware that it exists simultaneously as WE co-exist in this dimension as a human. WE may stray from OUR perfection but it never strays from US.

Take this moment now to IMAGINE US ALL STANDING TOGETHER breathing deeply into this truth. Now imagine OUR Spiritual self existing in this spiritual plane perfectly with ease and grace. Envision OUR current self on the earth plane full of all the baggage that WE came here with. Now see ALL OF US set OUR bags down and step into OUR Spiritual SELVES, OUR SOULS. Feel the perfection embrace ALL OF US AS A COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS swirling all around, inside and out.  Feel relief. Feel gratitude. Feel peace. Feel the POWER OF NOW AS WE STAND TOGETHER. This is who WE are.

❤ Welcome home. 


WEEK 3 LOVE: Day 11 Monday  “Mastering the Love Quotient” WE ARE loved. WE ARE worthy. WE ARE deserving. WE deeply and completely love and accept OUR SELVES. WE now release all OUR beliefs, perceptions and judgments that WE ARE not loved, worthy or deserving. WE now release the need and desire to believe that WE ARE not loved, worthy or deserving. (Place your hand on your heart) WE move into OUR COLLECTIVE HEART and hold OUR SELVES lovingly in that space.

WE now completely accept and believe on every level of OUR being and WE instruct OUR subconscious mind to completely accept and believe on every level of OUR being that WE ARE loved and WE love. WE ARE worthy and WE ARE deserving. WE ARE forgiven and WE forgive and all else dissolves and disappears and WE ARE FREE. In this freedom, WE ARE now able to deeply and completely love and accept OUR SELVES more and more every day and in every way.


Day 12 Tuesday “I Am Loved” WE now magnetize LOVE to US.  It shows up in all areas of OUR LIVES. OUR perfect partner is now materializing before US.  If WE ARE already in a relationship WE ARE finding OUR mate overflowing with love and joy. If WE ARE looking for love, love is being magnetized to US as WE stand in OUR power and abundance reigns down all around US. WE ARE MASTERMIND miracle MAKERS.

Whatever WE desire WE create with ease and grace if it is in OUR highest good. All feelings of self-doubt and fear are squashed with a big wrecking ball blown into smithereens. Only love is left; beautiful, sweet, ever-lasting love. As WE magnetize love to US, WE become a LOVE MAGNET for new and exciting love experiences. WE ARE reprogramming OUR subconscious mind. Every day and in every way more and more love is flowing into OUR LIVES. 


Day 13 Wednesday  “I Love What I Do & Do What I Love” Today WE completely understand the truth of the Universe. WE feel the shift in OUR energy field of awareness, aligning completely with OUR dreams and desires especially in the area of HOBBIES and CAREER. WE pursue those interests that make US tingle and sing with joy for it is in these interests that magic is born and dream jobs become day jobs.  WE look for ways WE can be of service to humanity because it is in serving others that OUR true Divine life mission is born. WE love what WE do and do what WE love in thought, word and deed. This new energy brings new opportunities for US to experience and thrive in OUR field of interest. Every day and in every way WE ARE living and loving OUR dream job.


Day 14 Thursday “Generous is as Generous Does” Today WE commit to tithing OUR time, treasures, and talents WITH LOVE to help make the world a better place. WE give without regret, without conditions, and without expectations. WE give because it feels good to give. As WE give LOVE generously, the Universe sees and hears that WE want more love to give, so WE ARE blessed abundantly with that desire. As WE give LOVE generously, WE ARE reprogramming OUR subconscious mind for LOVE.

WE know that as WE give, so too, WE SHALL receive love generously from many sources. Love is not limited to people. WE ARE open to receiving love from nature, from pets, from OUR Spiritual Team, from God, the Divine source energy.  The list is endless. Every day and in every way WE ARE more and more generous with OUR Love and that activates more love in OUR LIVES.


Day 15 Friday “We Are All One” We are all one with God, the Divine Source Energy.  There is no separation. We are all interconnected and multidimensional. When I prosper, you prosper. When I heal, you heal. When I love, you love. When I feel joy, you feel joy. Everything in my experience affects everything in your experience. That’s why Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Feel the prosperity. Feel the healing. Feel the infinite love and endless joy with that simple truth. WE ARE abundant. There is nothing preventing US from claiming OUR Divine right to be abundant. Together we rise up and claim our abundance in all areas: wealth, health, love and joy obliterating poverty and lack worldwide. Every day and in every way, WE ARE creating the change WE wish to see in the world.


WEEK 4 JOY: Day 16 Monday “A Shower of Joy” The purpose of OUR existence is to experience JOY in the physical body. God, the Divine Source Energy, sent US to this planet to help raise the collective consciousness of the whole. As WE experience JOY, God experiences JOY through US and JOY ripples out across the heavens and across the planet since we are all one. WE ARE a lighthouse for good, for grace, for JOY. This beautiful energy of JOY raises the vibrational frequency across dimensions of time and space including the here and now.

JOY transforms lives. Therefore, WE ARE not selfish or indulgent in OUR quest for JOY since it is the purpose of OUR existence. Selfish is allowing fear and depression to rule OUR LIVES. JOY is OUR God-given right. WE name and claim OUR financial abundance to allow more opportunities to do and have all the things that would bring US great JOY. WE now allow OURSELVES the pleasures of life and ask that the means are quickly and easily manifested in OUR highest good for OUR JOY helps heal and transform all of us. Every day and in every way WE ARE showered with an abundance of JOY.


Day 17 Tuesday “Smiling Raises Your Vibration” The simple act of smiling raises OUR vibration plus it takes less effort to smile than to frown. WE make a conscious effort to turn OUR frown upside down and smile more. WE smile to OURSELVES taking great pleasure in OUR many gifts. WE smile to OUR family and friends asking for their well-being and blessings of abundance. WE smile to OUR pets (or pets of others) noticing the unconditional love they give US and enjoyment WE get by just being with them. WE smile to strangers and imagine a beam of light shining down on them making their day brighter.

WE replace pity, which shames others, with a soft, gentle smile which empowers others to be their best. OUR smile can literally save a life. OUR smile is ignited by God, the Divine Source Energy, put into place as a healing light for others. WE never let an opportunity to smile at someone pass. WE do not wait for them to smile first. As WE smile it connects US with the JOY that is already ever-present inside of US just waiting to be unleashed. Every day and in every way WE smile more and more increasing OUR abundance of JOY.


Day 18 Wednesday “An Infinite Wellspring of Joy” There is an infinite wellspring of JOY that flows to US and through US out into the world. As WE tap into the concept of infinity it blesses all areas of OUR LIVES. Hence, there is an infinite wellspring of love, of health, of prosperity and on and on it goes. There is no lack in the world. Lack is an illusion created by the ego and is fed with fear. Lack manifests for those who contracted the experience of lack. WE have learned any lessons WE came here in regards to lack of anything in OUR LIVES. WE absolve and step out of the illusion of lack and embrace a life of PLENTY.  Every day and in every way WE have plenty of wealth, health, love and joy in OUR LIVES.


Day 19 Thursday “Bucket List of Joy” As WE think about OUR mortality WE realize that WE will not live forever. WE will not put off until tomorrow what WE can do today.  Now is all that WE have and all that WE will ever have is NOW because tomorrow never comes. As WE create OUR Bucket List of JOY, OUR subconscious draws from God, the Divine Source Energy, all that WE will need to manifest these desires. WE surrender the “how” and focus completely on the “feeling of joy” that WE will experience as WE magnetize these opportunities into OUR reality.

Now close your eyes, and look up. Imagine your heart opening and say: “God, the Divine Source Energy, WE do not know how WE will manifest OUR Bucket List of Joy WE only know that it is happening now and WE ARE fulfilled.” Now imagine OUR requests sealed in a rocket ship and watch it shoot up into the Universe, up and up and up past the black void into the abyss of infinite possibilities.  Now imagine God, the Divine Source Energy, receiving that request and expanding it to something even bigger and better than what WE can imagine.

Now visualize God sending OUR request back down, into OUR COLLECTIVE crown chakra, down into OUR COLLECTIVE heart. Imagine OUR COLLECTIVE DNA strands unwinding, unwinding, unwinding blocks or any interference.  Insert OUR request and rewind, rewind with love, joy, gratitude, & grace. Now OUR COLLECTIVE subconscious is ready to release OUR desires in the right and perfect time. Every day and in every way OUR channels of JOY are wide open and it is safe for US to receive an abundance of JOY.


Day 20 Friday “I Am Joy” WE will not dwell on OUR troubles. WE will not stay stuck in fear, anxiety, depression or grief, emotions on the downward spiral of the Emotional Guidance Scale. WE allow OURSELVES to feel whatever emotion arises with OUR breath.  As WE breathe in, WE feel the emotion and name it watching it move through US. As WE breathe out, WE let the emotion go with OUR breath. Now, WE consciously shift OUR attention to the upward spiral on the Emotional Guidance Scale: WE breathe in love and gratitude and exhale joy and freedom until the downward spiral emotion subsides.   

WE trust that God, the Divine Source Energy, is ever-present, always available working for OUR highest good in all situations. JOY is the dominant life-force that flows through OUR COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. WE infuse everything WE do and everything WE say with JOY. Joy is the ULTIMATE vibration to attune US with the unlimited, infinite abundance of the Universe. Every day and in every way WE ARE becoming one with OUR Divine right to be JOY.


Every day and in every way WE SHOW UP for OURSELVES with love and joy.


We have created a powerful collective consciousness of abundance and prosperity as we came together in a mastermind ENCORE group to manifest miracles of wealth, health, love and joy in our lives.

This energy will continue with us as long as we carry miracles of manifesting in our heart! Also know, that the anchor/lucky charm you used is now fully charged and has completed its purpose. You no longer need the anchor/lucky charm to continue to create and manifest in your life.

By the grace of God it is so.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Be sure to comment below to close and complete the “Collective Mastermind Consciousness.” 

If you are keeping a journal take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling and whatever emotions arise. Don’t forget to stop by WEDNESDAY for our GROUP closing.


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