Meetup March

One More Step!

Connect with Julie on Messenger or Text and get added to the special "21 Days of Healing" group.

LOGIN DETAILS for the live Meetup on ZOOM are posted in our Messenger group.

BONUS: "21 Days of Spiritual Healing"

On the day of the LIVE meetup I create a group on Messenger or Text.

  • At 7am CST I post in the group to let you know the healing has begun.
  • Daily stop by the group and listen to one of the audios for 7min: Ekam Mantra or Ekam Health Practice.
  • Once you've listened for 7 min post the group emoji.
  • Then connect with the other participants by "hearting" their emoji.
  • This activates special healing and connection with the collective group energy.

Join Us on Messenger


On your smartphone download the Messenger app from the App Store or on your laptop go to



Send me a message on MESSENGER so I can add you to the "21 days of healing" group.

My handle is Julie Meider Geigle


* Don't forget to MUTE notifications on the Messenger group tap the title of the group and tap "snooze" to turn the bell off.



Need further assistance? Text me at 715-491-1419 or email

I want this to be a seamless connection and am happy to help.


I look forward to a beautiful healing connection with you.

Much love,
Julie/Metatron xoxo