Metatron Energy Report “How to Share the Holidays with our Loved Ones in Spirit”

Happy Holidays & Bright Blessings of Love, Joy & Peace!

This week’s energy report for Dec 13th, 2016 from Archangel Metatron comes blossoming with special surprises and gifts from above.

How to Share the Holiday with Our Loved Ones in Spirit is our theme for the week.

“I am open to receiving a crystal clear connection with my loved ones in Spirit” is the affirmation to keep you connected with loved ones as well as your furry friends in heaven.

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. 

We are thrilled and delighted as always to join you here in the hustle and bustle of your December month. We can feel the energy, the excitement and yet some of you are feeling anxious and depressed. An explosion of energy occurs on this planet at this time.

Your energy is best spent this week knowing and trusting that your loved ones in spirit and furry friends in heaven are ever present in your life on this earth.

The Spirit World, your loved ones in Spirit, come bursting forth with excitement and with love for they are very aware that this holiday of Christmas brings many memories and much emotion forth in your human life here.

Your loved ones in Spirit have come here today to be with you. They want you to know that they are sending their love and their joy. They are one with you as the memories of their lifetime pop in and out of your experience here on earth.

And if you desire, you can invite them to come closer. Feel their gentle touch on your back or your hand, or your face. Feel the beautiful love and warmth and blessings that they bring here.

Many are desiring forgiveness and love wanting you to know that their soul, like your soul is ever eternal. There is no death, only a departing of worlds.

Feel a beautiful cord appearing between you and your loved ones, this is a new cord of communication, of opening, of releasing.

A cord, a portal if you will that opens your communication to the Spirit world of your departed loved ones.

As you desire to connect and tune in with your loved ones, just imagine this portal as a bridge.

A bridge between the two worlds, opening and allowing you to receive communication from your loved one. Remember they are ever only a thought away.

As you open to more of who you are and who you came here to be, we would like to take a moment to talk with you about your inner monologue.

It is in this crazy, busy, hectic season of Christmas, of December, where there is much mental madness occurring within your mind.

Some are picking up on the collective consciousness of the planet, some are picking up on ancestral chatter, and others are picking up on other information. Other information that may be outside of yourself, coming from energy that is swirling around you. There is a very small percentage of the thoughts in your mind that are actually coming from your self.

As you become aware of where these random thoughts and emotions come from it allows you to stay grounded in your power, in who you are. As much as you are able to stay in the space of love, eternal, unconditional, unending love the chaotic thoughts and emotions will begin to dissolve.

Love is your ground zero.

Love eliminates confusion and brings you back into alignment with your soul, the magnificence of your being which is always knowing, infinitely wise filled with tranquility, grace and peace.

Take a moment to step into that space. Place your hand on your heart and feel the love that you are. And know that you can return to this space, this beautiful place anytime throughout your day simply through your breath and your being present with your thoughts.

Do not live your life on default.

Pay attention and be present in love.

We are with you always, guiding, guarding and loving you endlessly dear one.

Remember you have a plethora of angels helping you to align with your highest good. Ask for help and be open to receive it.

✝️ I am Metatron and I have spoken here today. ✝️

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