Psychic Coaching ~ Business & Personal Development

The Psychic Coaching Program for business or personal success is designed to help you align with your highest good, trust your instincts & create unlimited abundance in your business.

Imagine if you will…having access to your own team of Angels and Guides in the spiritual realm.  If you could sit down with them for 30 minutes what would you want to ask them?

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As a Psychic Medium, Julie can access your Spiritual Council which is your very own team of angels and guides that are here trying to assist you at every turn, only you’re so busy running around like a chicken with your head cut off that you can’t hear what they’re saying or you hear it but don’t act on it because it seems silly.

Three 30 minute sessions – $195*

*Bonus:  Membership Program – 1 month FREE

Key Components:
*meetings are held at your discretion
*meetings are 30 minutes in length via the phone (time over 30 minutes is billed at $1/per minute)
*free membership to Inner Circle, a free monthly psychic call, and our four libraries of healing (includes hypnosis, meditation, channeling, book club)  valued at $180

Services available to help you meet your goals:
Julie works as an International Psychic Medium and Archangel Metatron Channel She is able to give you guidance and insight for your own professional and personal life.

Julie feels strongly that we all have this “gift” and part of the Visioning Program is helping you develop your own spiritual intuition that is constantly whispering in your ear helping guide you in every decision that you make.

Results at the end of 3 sessions:
*manage stress effortlessly  *implement positive, permanent changes
*calmer and more relaxed  *increased clarity & confidence in decision making
*strengthen intuition        *laser focused on what needs to be done & doing it

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If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on being who you’ve always been.  Change doesn’t happen unless you make a change.