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You have 2 options for a reading:

1. You can post 1 question below. Be as specific as possible and if you are asking about a person please use their first name.


2. CHOOSE a deck please. I will pull the card and read additional information that comes up.

The decks to choose from are...


Abundance Deck
Animal Medicine
Angel Answers
Color Healing
Chakra Healing
Healing Deck
Keepers of the Light
Life Purpose
Mystical Shaman
Romance Deck

About Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Psychic Medium and Divine channel for Archangel Metatron. She helps people on a spiritual journey end suffering and create a beautiful life. Book a free discovery call to see if you're a good fit for our Spiritual Mentorship Program designed to change your life from the inside out!


  1. Carolyn on March 1, 2023 at 4:58 pm

    #5 Hi Julie, I sense that my daughter Camille is very affected by the passing of a family member. Can you please do a reading on how I can best support her moving forward/what she needs?
    Thank you and blessings, Carolyn

    • Julie Geigle on March 1, 2023 at 5:10 pm

      #5 Hi Carolyn! When I look into Camille’s energy it’s like she’s in a den or cave and just needs time to process and integrate. I think we’ve talked before about holding the space for her. Be gentle and kind. Check in on her without checking in. Do loving acts of kindness. Pray for her. Send her love telepathically. Her soul is crying out for healing and connection and you can hear and feel that. Do whatever you’re guided to do but remember this is HER process, not yours. She’s not broken you don’t need to fix her. Just show her how you treat people who are grieving… extra love and tenderness. Someday she’ll be able to pay it forward. 💞🌈 ✝️

      Chakra Deck – 2nd chakra – Orange
      I deserve to be happy.

      • Carolyn on March 1, 2023 at 7:42 pm

        Thank you very much Julie.

  2. Janine Borchardt on March 1, 2023 at 4:29 pm

    #4 Hi Julie
    I feel like my LOVE is blocked, I cant feel it, see it, breathe it, give it, I was going to ask for the Fairy Tarot cause I feel like I need to play in the woods, But if you feel there is a different deck , I trust that.

    Thank you !

    • Julie Geigle on March 1, 2023 at 5:06 pm

      #4 Hi Janine! From the Fairy Tarot comes EIGHT OF SPRING which indicates a lot is going on in your life right now and you are feeling the stress of it all. It’s like a pressure cooker and the feeling that something has to give or else it’s going to be YOU. So sometimes when we don’t take the steps we need to and move in the direction we’re guided God will force his hand and make something happen that evokes change but it isn’t always easiest.

      I always say you can do it the easy way or the hard way. For example, my husband was so stressed out at work I begged him to leave but he wouldn’t. Then he broke his neck and ultimately was let go.

      So God sees you can only handle so much and you came here for a reason so if you are having trouble making needed changes He will step in and help you out.

      What in your life needs to change for your own sanity?

      It’s okay to put yourself first. I’m seeing your love is blocked because too many people are draining your energy and you need it for yourself… your life force otherwise there will be consequences. It’s like you’re being choked or suffocated. Listen to your guidance. We’ll chat more next week. 😉 ☮️☯️🦋

      Fairy Tarot
      1. Stress that comes from having many things happening at once.
      2. Successful multitasking.
      3. Sudden events or changes.

  3. Sonya on March 1, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    2. Hi Julie, I would like to learn more about where guilt comes from. I have been doing so much work on putting up boundaries with loved ones, and really working on prioritizing self care. With that comes a lot of guilt for me. Even though I know and believe I am worthy of good things I struggle with feeling bad when I that time for myself.
    I just came home from a vacation to visit family while my dad had surgery. I brought my children Cole and Rory. My husband and step kids have voiced that they felt left out. That wasn’t my intension at all. The reason I just had my kids is because I had no one to watch them, and they both have special needs, medications, and I don’t have many people u can rely on. It wasn’t a trip to Disney or anything like that we cleaned their house, took my dad to his doctors appointment and his surgery as my stepmom is ill as well.
    The old me would have taken that comment from my husband and tried to make it “fair” and put us in a financial mess, the more grounded me knows that isn’t realistic and his comment isn’t really personal. It’s his own deal.
    My question is, where does this guilt come from spiritually, and how can I strengthen my self worth in situations like this. We have a joint account for all our bills, we both have separate accounts for the extra stuff we want or need. I paid for this trip fully on my own to go see my dad with Cancer. I am so grateful we went.

    Thank you

    • Joel on March 1, 2023 at 2:41 pm

      #3. I would appreciate a card pull from the Angel Answers deck, thank you Julie 🙏

      • Julie Geigle on March 1, 2023 at 5:00 pm

        #3 Hi Joel!

        From the Angel Answers deck comes LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. So whatever your question is or decision you are trying to make the Angels have your back! The information you are getting is real guidance and they are trying to help make your life easier. We don’t have to figure it all out on our own. Sometimes I like to tell my team to bring me a sign. You can get specific or be vague. My sister loves to say okay if I’m supposed to do this let the next car that goes by be RED. She said she swears by that and it never fails her. Have fun with it! 😇😇😇

        Angel Answers

        Your intuition is completely reliable and accurate at this time. Listen to your own inner guidance and you can’t go wrong. You can be certain that the messages you’re receiving from your angels are real and can be trusted.
        Have faith in your feelings about the circumstances you’re experiencing. Your insights into other people and their true feelings or motives are perfectly accurate. There is no need to question what you know is true.

        Be sure when you play next time that you post a new comment and not “reply” to someone else’s comment, but no worries this is perfectly fine. 🙂

    • Julie Geigle on March 1, 2023 at 4:55 pm

      #2 Hi Sonya!

      Good for you!!! You will not regret this experience and you will treasure this beautiful photo! Be sure you watch the replay from our meetup last month it was pretty powerful but the short answer is that the ego likes to draw us into mind drama and when we see it for what it is it becomes less and less powerful over us. I have some exciting resources we will use to reprogram your mind and clear that guilt out. The mind is a habituated tool and gets stuck in ruts thinking and doing the same thoughts again and again. So when someone says something that triggers your guilt program it kicks in automatically until you become AWARE and use tools and resources to rewire the neural network and pathways. That’s some of the stuff I’m learning in this amazing coaching training program I’m in. It works and it’s very empowering!

      On a spiritual level we are spiritual beings and part of the “oneness consciousness” where all the stuff of the human world of duality dissolves and becomes “of no concern.”

      But until we get you to that level we will work on the movie of Sonya and how she can show up more fully for herself and her family and learning how to live as a SPIRITUAL BEING in the human world of duality. 🌟🌈😇

      Spiritual Meetup 💛REPLAY READY 💛…

      I share my experience of enlightenment plus lead you through an exercise so you can experience it for yourself!

      Replays Meetup

  4. Helen Daly on February 28, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    #1 I’d love a card from the Abundance Deck please. Many thanks 🙏 🌻🌻

    • Julie Geigle on March 1, 2023 at 4:46 pm

      #1 Hi Helen! I love this gentle reminder that yes money is what makes the world go round and that it’s okay to want more and even be wealthy but not to lose sight of the real goal… which is who you become along the way to your riches. Kind, generous, loving. And the other key to manifesting is set the intention and then step into HOW YOU WILL FEEL when you achieve that goal and don’t wait until you achieve that – feel that way NOW! Because when you can do that you truly are embodying the fact that it’s not the experience it’s how the experience will make you feel and feeling that NOW brings that experience quicker! All things you already know. 💰🎯💖

      My favorite mantra is:

      The more money I have, the more money I’ll have to give!

      Abundance Deck

      Really and truly,

      Now, before you have a conniption,
      by all means
      pursue it, spend it,
      and roll around in it,
      but just don’t
      let it become
      “how” the rest of

      I Know How: Just Dream Your Dreams–
      The Universe

      • Helen Daly on March 1, 2023 at 8:49 pm

        Thank you Julie. Always so spot on for what is needed in the moment. ILOVE YOUR WORK!! 💖💖🌻🌻

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