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You have 2 options for a reading:

1. You can post 1 question below. Be as specific as possible and if you are asking about a person please use their first name.


2. CHOOSE a deck please. I will pull the card and read additional information that comes up.

The decks to choose from are...


Abundance Deck
Animal Medicine
Angel Answers
Color Healing
Chakra Healing
Healing Deck
Keepers of the Light
Life Purpose
Mystical Shaman
Romance Deck

About Julie Geigle

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  1. Stacey Nowak on March 15, 2023 at 3:34 pm

    4) Hi Julie! Whatever spirit leads you to for me. Tx!

    • Julie Geigle on March 15, 2023 at 4:41 pm

      #4 Hi Stacey! I was drawn to the Keepers of the Light and Hilarion comes in with the perfect message… DIVINE HEALING. Slow down. Take the time you need to heal yourself as this “blip” in your life is going to have a monumental effect on the lives of others as you move forward. I am seeing there is something about this healing crisis that you are experiencing that is bumping you up to a new level to be able to help others heal and thrive. Surround yourself in GREEN. Stop trying to do too much at once. Delegate when you can or hire out. It’s okay to take care of yourself right now… YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. 💚🙌💚

      Keepers of the Light

      1. Honor your sensitivity.
      2. Retreat to recharge to heal.
      3. Your light supports others.

      • Stacey Nowak on March 16, 2023 at 7:28 pm

        Wow! This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Thank you!

  2. Carolyn on March 15, 2023 at 3:20 pm

    3) Hello Julie, I’ve been praying as well as have others, for a family member Stephen to transition to Heaven since his passing. He was a good person, saved a number of lives while deployed as a medic and then received a valor medal. Due to how he passed I do have concerns and the signs I received personally from the universe are confusing. Can I please get a reading? Thank you, many blessings, Carolyn

    • Julie Geigle on March 15, 2023 at 4:37 pm

      #3 Hi Carolyn! I was drawn to the Color Deck for you today and RED – Free Yourself From Pain comes in. When I tune into Stephen’s energy I get the sense that he was tired and ready to go. I almost get the feeling like he’s in a hospital on the other side first as a guest but eventually as a worker to continue his tireless service to help others. I often see the hospital when people have had a long illness or traumatic death. He’s a cocoon of white being monitored and watched lovingly, restoring his power and energy fields. He’s a bit foggy when I try to connect with him which is often the case when they are in this state but he appreciates your love and support and just asks that you continue to pray for him. Our prayers are spiritual fuel for them. Before he leaves he sends you his love and says “I’ll be back. I’m not done by any means!” Lol 👻

      Color Deck
      Free Yourself From Pain

      • Carolyn on March 15, 2023 at 4:58 pm

        Thank you very much Julie this means so much to me ☺

  3. Janine Borchardt on March 15, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    Hello Beautiful friend Julie 💗

    would like to call on the mystical shaman ✨🕊️🌿🌿
    Thank You 🙏

    • Julie Geigle on March 15, 2023 at 4:46 pm

      #2 Hi Janine! From the Mystical Shaman comes thee card THE MYSTICAL SHAMAN. Lol This message is about releasing ATTACHMENTS to things or stories. Sometimes we get so caught up in the drama of life that we don’t have time or energy to actually be in the joy, love and peace of life which exists simultaneously. Let go of the stories. You have the power to FREE yourself. You got this! 🎁

      Mystical Shaman


      This is the symbol of the mythmaker and storyteller who is neither made of nor defined by the story. Instead he observes it, evolves through it, perceives all aspects of it. In so doing, the Mystical Shaman represents the ability to dream a new story, a new myth, into being. He dances between worlds, wearing the cloak of the world loosely around his shoulders, and sings the world into being. He reminds us to be in the world and travel through it, but not to be defined by it or become too attached to the experience. This is the symbol of true alchemy, for all elements of life have a spiritual aspect and a material one. When we remember this, all manner of miracles and manifestations are possible.


      When the Mystical Shaman appears, you’re invited to consider the ability to live without attachment. You are called to create and dream your life, to act on inspiration and divine impulse without fixating on a known story of success or achievement. Can you impartially observe the stories you tell yourself and others? What if you could become a mystery to yourself? Who would you become if you stopped telling the tales that have defined you up until now? You do not have to live in a story that has roots in the past. What if there were no need to explain you to anyone, not even to yourself? The way to your most extraordinary life is to become a blank slate and allow the form of your dreams and desires to show up, as it will. This is a sign of manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.


      Be careful what you pray for. The Mystical Shaman cautions you against relentless attachment to a certain form that you think will make you happy, prosperous, famous, loved, etc. However, in seeing your dream come into being, had you considered what you were willing to sacrifice for it? Perhaps you have been telling yourself a certain story for so long—the story that only when you reach this particular goal will you be happy, that you will arrive—you didn’t even notice you’re no longer the person who wanted those outcomes. You may have moved beyond those stories. Perhaps it’s time to admit to yourself that you need to imagine a new story that is more in alignment with who you have become. This is just one moment in millions of moments in the continuum of a life. Let it go. Let it be just a story, and move on. Better tales are waiting to be told.

  4. Oksana Becker on March 15, 2023 at 12:05 am

    1) Hi Julie, any insights or info about my spirit baby? Feeling a bit discouraged that the sperm results came with 0’s.
    What do I need to know now or to work on that I’ve overlooked or not payed attention to? Any guidance is appreciated. Not sure what deck though so up to you…. XXXXXX

    • Julie Geigle on March 15, 2023 at 4:31 pm

      #1 Hi Oksana! Just to clarify… 0 sperm count would mean that you’re good to go but HIS sperm is not? If that’s the case then it’s more a matter of prayers for HIM than for you. I would definitely get a current photo of him (preferably the two of you) and put it in every prayer chain you can find with the request to have increased virality in his sperm count enabling you to carry a beautiful bouncing baby to full term. (My fav is 1-800-NOW-Pray but if you send me the photo with his full name I will post it in the India prayer groups as well.

      Again if this is about HIS sperm there isn’t anything physically you can do other than prayer and Reiki for him.

      I was drawn to the Mystical Shaman deck for you and the perfect card comes in FLOW. “Now is the time to let nature run its course.” RELAX. Relax. relax. As much as you can relax and sink into the natural order of things the best it is for all. You know I’m a believer that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE so keep envisioning your desire already fulfilled and the joy this beautiful experience brings.

      I also see you with a baby in your arms… so if you can babysit for someone else or volunteer or work part-time at a daycare center or work with children/babies in any way, shape or form it will help.

      Last but not least, SURRENDER…which is much like the FLOW card. Trust that if it’s meant to happen, it will, and if it’s not meant to happen be okay with that as well. 🙏

      As you know that’s when I actually got pregnant… when I began to make peace with never having a daughter and begin filling that whole with other things in my life that brought me joy.

      Get to my daily peak state transmissions every day Mon-Fri at 12pm CST (today we focused on 3rd chakra and having a baby). These are live only.

      12 – 12:20pm CST
      856 6174 4290

      Mystical Shaman
      FLOW #20


      There is a natural movement of events in the world. You can see it in phenomena such as the tide, the ebb and flow of oceans and rivers that rise up from the earth then flow to the sea. The symbol of Flow represents the effortless and natural movement toward a certain destination. It signifies an ability to gracefully move around obstacles and reminds you of the sense of allowing.


      When Flow comes to visit, it’s a sign that your intentions have been in motion. Now is the time to allow nature to run its course; you are being called to effortless movements and the path of least resistance. It’s like being within music, flowing within partnership. Think of the artist who creates without guile or craft, calling creativity up from the soul and bringing it to life without effort. You are called to be like a river, knowing the fulfillment of destiny is assured. Enjoy the ride.


      Don’t try to push against the river or swim upstream right now. You can trust that when the time is right, your dreams will begin to take shape, and you will be invited to dance with destiny. Right now, however, you must relax. This is not the time to bang on doors that refuse to open. Whatever obstacle is in front of you right now, trust this is for the highest good. It is an opportunity to regroup and reconsider your choices, and you must trust that your intentions will take form in good time. Consider this time a gift.

      • Oksana Becker on March 22, 2023 at 11:46 am

        Oh, I just saw this now… divine timing as always.. thank you so much for these pearls of wisdom! I’ve been trying to relax but I’m not sure how to be ok with it if it doesn’t happen. I’m struggling with that.. yes, it is the sperm situation with potential scarring over the reversal site. I will send the photo. Hoping it will all work out in the end… xxxxx

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