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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a holistic healing art for stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual growth.  It is a method of amplifying our inner healing light, which is known as “ki/chi.”

Healthy “ki/chi” nourishes our physical body, and helps us to balance our mental and emotional energy.

Many people also find that Reiki is a form of Divine healing love which helps them deepen their awareness of their innate spirituality.

In these classes you will be attuned at the various levels and you will instantly be able to start giving Reiki healing energy to yourself and others.  Reiki energy will help you on many different levels.

We offer several classes for the Reiki Attunement Series. This is a leveled program and levels must be taken in order I, II, III.

Heaven Sent Healing has partnered with Steve Murray of Healing Reiki.  We are excited to share with you classes based upon his extensive library of spiritual books and DVD’s.   Purchase recommended book at

Fee Schedule:

Reiki Level I & II      $150.00
Reiki Master Level    $500.00

20% discount available for HSU members.  Fees are nonrefundable but transferable to another class if a 24 hr notice is given prior to class time.  



Reiki Class Schedule

 1/11/2014   Sat 10-2 pm “Reiki I Beginner Class/Refresher”

2/22/2014   Sat 10-2 pm “Reiki II Intermediate Class/Refresher”
Allows you to channel Reiki 4 times greater than Level I.

4/4/14, Mon 10-2 pm CST  “Reiki Master Class/Refresher”
Reiki Master Class/Refresher is for those people who are Reiki II Practitioners and are looking to:

* increase the power of their Reiki Energy
* increase your intuition and psychic abilities
* interested in passing attunements onto others
(allows you to channel Reiki 16 times greater than Level I).

Please note:   The Master Reiki Class is only offered once a year.

10/10, Fri  10-2 pm “Reiki I Beginner Class/Refresher”

11/11,   Tues 10-2 pm “Reiki II Intermediate Class/Refresher”
Allows you to channel Reiki 4 times greater than Level I.

Recommended Reading:

Reiki The Ultimate Guide Volume I

Learn sacred symbols and attunements plus Reiki secrets you should know.

Valued at $32.00

Recommended Viewing:

A Reiki 1st, Aura and Chakra Attunement Performed


Valued at $32.00






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