Reiki Series

Are you ready to open up your spiritual gift of healing?

Do you feel called to help humanity on a deeper level?

You can feel the shifts and twists in your life but you're not sure what it all means.  The planet needs your love now more than ever. Your spiritual team is patiently waiting for you to step it up.

  • You're ready to awaken to your potential as a healer.
  • Yes, you’re ready to strengthen your intuition and live on purpose!
  • You feel passionate about making a difference. You are ready.

When you register for the "Reiki Series" it includes annual refresher attunements which will continue to increase the power of Reiki overtime.

Reiki SERIES Includes:

  • 5-hour Reiki Level I Instruction, Attunement & Certificate
  • 5-hour Reiki Level II Instruction, Attunement & Certificate
  • 4-hour Reiki Master Instruction, Attunement & Certificate
  • Lifetime Access (Reiki Series Only) annual refreshers.
  • The Reiki master certificate allows you to teach and pass attunements if you desire.

During an attunement, an inner healing channel is opened up inside of you which allows Reiki energy to flow.

Reiki Level I

The Reiki Level I is the starting point in the Reiki system.

The Reiki Symbols are placed in your Aura and Crown Chakras, they are not revealed to you.

The Attunement will permanently open your Crown Chakra, the third eye, throat and heart chakras.

At this level, you may channel Reiki Energy healing to yourself, your family, friends, and pets.

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Reiki Master

The final Attunement is the Master Level. This Attunement empowers you with the Reiki Master Symbol.

This level also gives you the ability to pass on Attunements to others also known as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Many take this level who do not desire to teach but simply desire to experience the FULLNESS of Reiki.

Many attain the Reiki Master level for 

  • personal growth
  • spiritual enlightenment
  • to receive the most powerful symbol

Reiki Level II

During the Reiki Level II attunement, the student is attuned to the first three Reiki symbols which enables the student to use them in their healing.

The symbols give the Healer many options:

  • increases the strength of Reiki
  • helps with mental/emotional issues
  • ability to send Reiki over long-distance

Reiki Level II attunement is given shortly after completing Reiki Level I so the student will have the benefit of using the powerful symbols.

reiki dr usui

Are You Feeling Called?

Join me as I create a team of Lightworkers, REIKI Lightworkers, that have come together on a mission of service to humanity assisting in the creation of Heaven on Earth for all.

Tune in and connect with like-minded souls on this REIKI journey and not only embrace the gifts that are revealed but together we can reach our highest potential and beyond.

Finding your tribe has never been more important than it is right now. Having people you can trust and lean on is critical as our whole world shifts out of the known into the unknown. Third-dimension is dissolving as the planet evolves into 4D and 5D communities.

The Reiki Series will help you harness your power and step into your Magnificence.


healing earth 5

If you knew that you had a team of angels and guides, your loved ones in Spirit, pets and totem animals ever present by your side... how would that change your life?

Reiki can open up this world. 

  • You're ready to awaken to your potential as a healer.
  • Yes, you’re ready to strengthen your intuition and live on purpose!
  • You feel passionate about making a difference. You are ready.

In this Reiki Series, Julie leads you step-by-step through the Reiki system of healing, and by the end, you will feel confident and strong in your healing abilities.

Julie is a gifted trance channel for Archangel Metatron who comes in to lead the Attunements with the Reiki Masters.

In addition to the attunements, oftentimes students are able to communicate and connect with the Spiritual realm directly.

Many students report meeting their guides or loved ones in Spirit.

When we gather together in a group our loved ones are able to make clear, direct contact because of the intensity of the energy field we create together.

  • 14 hours Total Training
  • 3 Certifications for Each Level
  • $425 Savings!

3 Reiki Certifications

Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II & Reiki Master Certifications are printed and mailed direct to you (only in the U.S. for those outside of the U.S. the certificates will be emailed.)

Archangel Metatron

Julie works as a gifted Divine channel for Archangel Metatron who leads the Attunements with the Reiki Masters.

The lovely energy of the Pleiadians can also be felt during the entire Reiki series as they are here to assist in the transformation of the planet.

Save $425!

Save $425 when you register for the entire Reiki Series. Many teachers split the program into 4 separate attunements increasing the cost of the total program substantially.

Julie incorporates the teachings into 3 classes which equals huge savings for you!

We begin this event by invoking your own Spiritual Team as well as the Team of highly evolved Ascended Masters and Guides Julie works with including but not limited to Archangel Metatron, Pleiadians, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Sri Amma Bhagavan, & Ganesh.

Once we've established everyone's connection with the Divine we call upon the Reiki Guides and Teachers to begin our Reiki Attunement Journey.

Universal Life Force Energy

Space Limited to 20 Healers

Space Limited

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Here's What You Will Receive:

  • 3 Certifications for each level.
  • Sacred Reiki symbols to increase the power of Reiki energy healing.
  • Ability to heal yourself and assist in the healing of others including pets.
  • Strengthen your intuition and deepen your connection with God or your Divine.
  • Assist in the healing of humanity with your new gifts.
  • Lifetime Access (Reiki Series Only) annual refreshers.
2 Lightworker

Who is in your Spiritual Team?

Meditation can be incredibly powerful to align with your magnificence and open your healing channels.


Julie will lead you through a guided meditation to strengthen your own connection with your Spiritual Team gaining wisdom and insights directly from them.


Creating a safe place for Reiki Healers
to ignite their healing light and glow.

About Julie Geigle

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer & Mindset Coach

As an international psychic medium, spiritual healer, and mindset coach, I've learned that life is much easier when you open up to your gifts and let them lead you where they may.


I began my spiritual journey with Reiki and that’s why I especially love to offer a "live" annual Reiki Series where my students come together each year to grow in their Reiki healing.

It's a "Reiki Class Reunion!"

The Golden Age is now here and we are all needed more than ever to shine our light, our love, and our joy.


I've been honored to serve many in my 20+ years of being a Lightworker and Reiki Master Teacher, and I am delighted to assist you on your journey into Reiki energy healing and beyond.

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Space Limited 20 Healers