Julie Geigle serves as a Divine channel for Archangel Metatron, Spiritual Coach, Healer & Psychic Medium.  With a Masters in Education, Julie spent 10 years teaching middle school and is now honored to work with the spiritual realm assisting many on their path of awakening and enlightenment.


In March of 2020,  Julie traveled to India for the Abundance Festival at Ekam (formerly Oneness University).  She was privileged to meet the avatars SriAmmaBhagavan along with their son, KrishnaJi and his wife Preethaji whose mission is to liberate humanity from suffering through enlightenment.

As we move toward unity and away from separation the veil dissolves and love triumphs.

She has also studied at the renowned Arthur Findlay College in England and has visited Brazil's spiritual center for healing.  She holds certification in hypnotherapy, meditation, Reiki Master Teacher, Smarana Deeksha, Ekam Mitra and is an Ordained Minister. Ho’ponopono is her favorite healing technique.

WATCH her on youtube and FB at Spiritual Psychic Medium Julie Geigle where she shares free numerology readings.


One path Julie has always loved in her life is teaching and she offers online ZOOM classes:


  1. "Lightworker's Academy" is a 10-week mentorship program assisting lightworkers and earth angels in discovering and honing their spiritual gifts.
  2. "Manifesting Mastermind" is designed to help spiritual seekers remove blocks, raise their vibrational frequency and align with their Divine abundance.
  3. "Reiki Series" is for those being called to open up their spiritual gift of healing not only for personal development but for being the change you wish to see in the world.

 Julie is also a proud co-author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “365 Days of Angel Prayers” and "111 Morning Meditations." 


In 2007 Julie opened Heaven Sent Healing located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and she offers phone, ZOOM, and in-person sessions specializing in business, romance & relationships + spiritual awakening.


Join her private “INNER CIRCLE” for weekly healings and more. Are you looking for more personalized assistance? Julie's "DIAMOND Spiritual Mentorship" offers a private monthly energy forecast of your own guiding you on where your energy is best spent each month and opening up a stronger connection with your own spiritual team.


Don't forget to stop by her website and pick up your free gift “Manifesting Miracles” to help you create the life you desire.

FB:  facebook.com/spiritualpsychicmedium
Youtube: youtube.com/juliegeigle
Website: http://juliegeigle.com

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