“Siblings Gone Wrong” Messages From Metatron

This week’s channeling from Archangel Metatron helps us understand our family of origin and relationships that are ready to be put to rest.

“Sibling Relationships” is our theme for the week.

The affirmation to remember your truth:

“I let go of relationships that no longer serve me.”

Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity.  We are thrilled and delighted as always to join you here this day.

Channeled excerpt from Angel Talk Tuesday…

We have much to say, much to share on this topic of siblings, of drama so allow yourself to relax deeper into this beautiful energy, this beautiful sacred space.

Opening up to receive a beautiful healing this morning, a healing specifically for family, for family relationships. 

It is easy within your family unit to take advantage of each other, if you will, to be impulsive, selfish, focused only within your own desires. There is a new energy here on this planet open to receive the attunement, the alignment, the ascension.

As you experience this expansion of  your Soul, the drama within your life will begin to fade and the disconnection, the disharmony, the selfishness will dissolve and move out.

Those you are to be aligned with, reunited with and those you are to commune with will begin to gather in small units, in small pods.

So do not be alarmed, all is in perfect and Divine order. The ego is fading, transforming. Your soul is awakening.

Rejoice in finding your soul families.

Rejoice in making new connections within your current families.

Do not try to hang onto those who are no longer serving your higher purpose.

The contracts within your family unit have now been completed.

Those of you who are working toward the healing of the planet are gathering together and your energy needs to be focused within that plan.

You do not have time for drama.

You do not have time for unforgiveness.

Again, all of these things are beginning to dissolve and transform. Harness the energy that is here especially during this month of August.

Feel the sadness and the grief that often occurs with change, but trust and know that there is so much more.

There are deeper relationships, stronger connections, clearer expansions that are awaiting you.

As you allow yourself to move forward and rise up, do not be afraid.

You are never alone. You have a plethora of angels constantly guiding and guarding every breath you take and every step you make.

Allow this beautiful healing to sink deeply into every cell, every fiber of your being. Transforming and awakening  you NOW.

We invite you to take a moment now and imagine your family of origin surrounding you in a beautiful circle.

Imagine any drama or disharmony dissolving, evaporating, transforming.

Imagine the attachments and expectations leaving.

And now, allow each member of this family unit to return to ZERO.

A blank slate.

An empty space. And within the nothingness arises LOVE, purpose and peace.

Those in this family unit that are meant to continue their connection will, and those who are not will step out.

Honor this decision.
Honor this destiny.

Remember you have a plethora of angels uplifting and inspiring you daily. Ask and be open to receive their guidance.

✝️ I am Metatron and I have spoken here this day. ✝️

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