Slimming Down 4 Summer: Tips to Losing Weight Fast Part II

Welcome to Part II – Tip 4-7 For Losing Weight:

4) Supplements especially NIACIN.
Here’s my list of recommended supplements:

  • multi vitamin (I personally use Juice Plus+)
  • Vitamin D – 5,000 milligrams (our state is VERY deficient because of winters)
  • Fish Oil
  • Probiotic (promotes good digestion)
  • Calcium/Magnesium (bones/headaches)
  • NIACIN (sugar cravings)

Just a few words about Niacin.  It’s been said that niacin is good for people with alcohol or sugar addictions (mine being sugar) and since taking it I’ve seen an immediate decrease in my desire for sugar.  I don’t just take 1-2 pills, I actually take 3-6 pills when I have real, strong sugar cravings which is usually the week before my cycle.  Niacin takes the edge off of my headaches as well.  It’s one of the most amazing supplements I’ve happened upon this year.  Resource:  The Beautiful Truth available on

Experiment with it for yourself, but many agree that when it comes to supplements the recommended dosage on the bottle is very conservative.   Check with your doctor or nutritionist or do your own homework to find what works best for you.

5. Switch to Soy.

I no longer drink milk but have switched entirely to soy milk.  I drink low fat because I watch fat grams but what I love about soy is all the protein that’s in it!!  And we know protein helps you feel full longer!!!  I also use soy now in all my cooking and my family hasn’t even noticed a difference.  It’s especially good in french toast batter.  (There’s been  much debate over the value of soy but I think it’s safe to consume in small quantities and it’s a better alternative to cow’s milk.)

6. Nuts are Good!

I grew up believing that nuts are horribly fattening.  Well they are when you sit down and eat half a jar!  I’ve begun eating 3-6 organic almonds or cashews a day and it really helps me take the edge off between meals.  Again it goes back to foods with high protein help you feel full longer.

7. Cranberry Juice Water instead of Pop.

Actually a client clued me into this tip.  I buy 100% no sugar added Cranberry or Pomegranite Juice and add it to water.  It’s a great refreshing drink to have with popcorn or pizza and it helps me stay away from pop.  I used to have 1 pop a week now I have 1 pop every other week.

So there it is, 7 tips to losing weight fast.  I’ve been at an even weight since I’ve made these changes in my diet.  Every year I add a few more healthy things to eat. No more gaining 2-3 pounds every year as I move into my “wisdom” years!!!

Weight Loss

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