Soul Sisters

Ever meet someone you feel like you’ve known forever?

Well, you probably do in an inter dimensional way, if you will.  There is a belief system out there that states that we travel in “soul groups.”  For example, the Kennedy’s are a very strong soul group.  A soul group is a band of people that are incredibly connected and move through an entire lifetime together.

If you don’t feel like you are with your soul group that’s okay, not many of us are.  I think what is more typical is meeting people and having an instant connection or incredible disdain for them.  The instant connection tells you they have been with you before and have purposely crossed your path now to remind you of who you are and what you came here to do.

If you have an incredible disdain for them you have been with them before as well and there may be something that needs healing or release or at the very least it is a warning to steer clear of them because they may be working against you on another level. 

If you want to learn more about soul groups and spirituality be sure to join us for the Soul Sisters gathering.  Last Wed, Infinitea Eau Claire, WI 12-1pm.

Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is an international psychic medium, spiritual teacher of the Golden Age Mission and manifesting diva. She teaches people on a spiritual journey how to find inner peace and live the happiest version of themselves. Julie is the creator of Lightworker's Academy, online courses to assist you on the journey of awakening and enlightenment. Create more joy in your life when you sign up for our weekly Energy Forecast and receive your free gift "Manifesting Miracles" audio download.

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