“I Am Enough” Messages from Metatron

This week’s channeling from Archangel Metatron helps us clear out old belief systems of I am not enough replacing with the truth of that which you are...a spark of Divinity. “I Am Enough” is our theme for the week. The affirmation to remember your truth: “I am perfect and whole. I do not need anyone or anything to complete me. I am enough.” Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to … [Read more...]

Archangel Metatron Energy Report “How to Magnetize Your Soulmate”

This week’s energy report from Archangel Metatron comes to teach us how to magnetize our perfect partner for lasting love. “How to Magnetize Your Soulmate”  is our theme for the week. “I am a LOVE magnet harmonizing my perfect life partner to me now.” is the affirmation to open up that LOVE vortex and increase passion in your life now. Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to humanity. We … [Read more...]