Video “Are You Going Mad?” Wake-up Wednesdays

This week Julie discusses the following channeled messages from Archangel Metatron (Angel Talk Tuesday Radio Show) in the video below: 1. Pleiadians "come again" for this healing to assist with expansion. 2. Children & Awakening 3. Medication last resort not first response. 4. When your reality changes. 5. Educate yourself because knowledge is power. 6. Veil is lifting - … [Read more...]

Mental Illness or Spiritual Awakening – Archangel Metatron

This week’s channeling from Archangel Metatron comes with insights into mental illness and psychic phenomena. “Mental Illness or Spiritual Awakening?” is our theme for the week. The affirmation to help ground you in your truth: “I am a light being filled with infinite love here to assist in this planet's ascension. Love is my superpower.” Welcome, I am Metatron here in service to … [Read more...]

Psychic Insights “Spiritual Growth”

Welcome to Julie Geigle TV This is Psychic Insights Connect with Your Soul & Soar! FREE Psychic Reading! Every time you add a comment below to one of our blog posts you are automatically entered into our drawing for a free psychic reading. Drawings are held once a month. Our next drawing will be May 20th. Our winner for April was Sofia. Be sure to watch Sofia's reading … [Read more...]

“Something to Give Back” Week 1

Online Spiritual Book Club Sneak Peek We are excited to kick off our new book with a Sneak Peek for our fans and community of BLOG readers!!  For the next 6 weeks I will be discussing "Something to Give Back" with LOCAL (Fountain City, WI) author, Noah James Hittner. Week 1 discussion will be available on youtube, blogtalkradio and  in our members only Online Spiritual Book Club Forum.  After … [Read more...]