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You are all set!

Watch for details to come on how to access the daily meditations.

Things to do before November 1st:

1.  Prepare your space – decide on where you will be meditating, ie., floor, chair, couch etc.
2.  Choose a time and stick to it.
3.  Choose what days  you will meditate and stick to it.
4.  Invite a friend to join you – you don’t have to meditate in the same space at the same time – just knowing someone else is on the same journey increases your chances of following through.

Optional Items:

  • Earbuds or headset (regular long distance charges apply if joining us by phone).
  • Eye mask
  • Yoga mat
  • Timer (if you want to go longer than 20 minutes)
  • Blanket (as you relax your body temperature will drop)

Please note:  you will not be able to download the meditations but will be able to access them by phone or internet for 48 hours after the link to the daily meditation has been sent.

I will personally be hosting the meditations Mon-Fri. Saturday and Sunday we have a variety of guests who will be donating meditations.  You will be able to purchase the Mon-Fri meditations for $21 at any time during the program which entitles you to  permanently download the recording each day.  The guest meditations on the week-ends will be available for purchase directly through the guest hosting that day.

We will also be hosting the meditations “live” on Tuesdays at 9:30 am CST.  Details will be coming on how to join us for those.

Now, in your mind visualize how amazing you’ll feel on November 28th having completed the challenge successfully!  Imagine feeling calmer, more relaxed, unexplained moments of bliss popping up throughout your day, able to bounce back from stressful situations easily, family and friends noticing something “different,” an overall feeling of well being and joy pervading all areas of your life.  Sounds heavenly doesn’t it?  It is.  And it can be yours.

Transforming your life with Meditation~


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