The Ultimate Weight Loss Secret


My secret to staying thin (I weigh in on a good day at 130lbs) is drinking tea ALL day long.

I recommend decaffeinated tea – so you don’t get that afternoon jitterbug going on, but if you need a little pick-me-up later in the day caffeinated tea has considerably less caffeine than coffee.

  • According to Stash Teas, here is the breakdown in milligrams of caffeine for an average coffee and five types of tea:

    Coffee (5 oz. cup) 80
    Black Tea (one tea bag) 40
    Oolong Tea (one tea bag) 30
    Green Tea (one tea bag) 20
    White Tea (one tea bag) 15
    Decaf Tea (one tea bag) 2

  • Read more: Caffeine Levels in Tea and Coffee |

    I usually gravitate toward more fruity teas (blueberry and strawberry are great to curb a sweet tooth craving) but lately    have been experimenting with “YOGI” brands:  Calm, Stress Reduction, Sleep etc.  Also, peppermint is my ALL TIME favorite    and I like to add a drop of Peppermint Young Living  Therapeutic Essential oil to make it extra strong.

    Peppermint tea is also excellent for a rumbly stomach or easing any digestive disorders.   I invite you to stock up on    some inviting tea flavors and experiment for 7 days drinking tea.  I would LOVE to hear if you noticed a difference in your  appetite. 

    UBC: Day 9

    Julie Geigle

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