Video “Parenting Psychic Children” Wake-up Wednesdays

This week Julie shares the following messages channeled from Archangel Metatron:

1. Pleiadians “come again” healing for the children.

2. We are all here to support a new generation of rainbow children.

3. All adults here on this planet are asked to step up and take part in helping these children to discover and embrace all the gifts that they have.


4. Shine your light by… kindness, smile, encourage, yoga, meditation, sports, nature, creative writing, art etc.

5. These new earth children are powerful beyond measure and their actions will change the course of the planet.

6. Highly sensitive – do not overwhelm.

7. Limit devices they are very addictive and numb their psychic medium gifts.

The affirmation for the week is: “I shine my light on the new earth children so that they may embrace and freely share the psychic gifts they have with this world.”

Julie Geigle

Julie Geigle is an international psychic medium, spiritual teacher of the Golden Age Mission and manifesting diva. She teaches people on a spiritual journey how to find inner peace and live the happiest version of themselves. Julie is the creator of Lightworker's Academy, online courses to assist you on the journey of awakening and enlightenment. Create more joy in your life when you sign up for our weekly Energy Forecast and receive your free gift "Manifesting Miracles" audio download.

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