WELCOME Inner Circle

Bright Blessings!

So excited to welcome you to our INNER CIRCLE membership program! Here is an outline of what you have access to each month.  We hope you find value in our time together. ❤


1. Create a Profile

Create a member profile so you can access the member site and course portal that includes our "free to members" programs.




2. Schedule a Walkthrough

Schedule your free 15 min walkthrough with Julie to make sure you can access all the courses and programs



3. What Does INNER CIRCLE Include?




This is a "self-paced" program that can be completed at any time.

You can find it under the COURSES tab on my website.



 Monday Afternoon (Approx. 1:00-1:50 pm CST)

I will add you to our MESSENGER GROUP and you will be notified when the healing has begun, it will last 50 min., and then I message the group when it ends. *The group healing is very powerful. Be sure to tune into that healing group energy by pausing to acknowledge Spirit working through you for the most benefits.


Simply hit the emoji "next to" my post to activate the healing when you see it whether it's at that time or later. Remember, everything is happening in the NOW. Spiritually speaking there is no past or future.


Along with the crystal bed, I also open a PRAYER CHAIN so if you have anyone or yourself you'd like a specific prayer request you can share in our group messenger thread when I open it and say... "Our Prayer Chain is now open please add your requests so we can pray for you and your loved ones this week.


I try to be prompt with time but sometimes life gets in the way so just know it will be in the afternoon also if the Monday falls on a holiday it will be skipped and resumed the following week.




Each week I open a thread and invite the first 5 people who have not had a private session with me that week or have been included in the reading raffle the previous week to ask a psychic question or pull an angel card for angel inspiration.


4. Member Area on Website



Are you too busy to read all those books you love???

These are the beautiful, enlightening and empowering books that we have summarized for you.

  1. The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson
  2. Angels in my Hair - Lorna Byrne
  3. Through God's Eyes - Phil Bolsta
  4. Kryon: The 12 Layers of DNA - Lee Carroll
  5. The Gifts of Imperfection - Brene Brown
  6. Something to Give Back: A chronology of Awakening - Noah James Hittner



Julie is a certified Hypnotherapist with special certifications in Medical Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression. Clients often say she has a calm, soothing voice and many even report that their sleep improves regardless of which recording they listen to.




Julie is also a certified Transformation Meditation Instructor and there are over 100 audio recordings in the Meditation Library.




One of Julie's special interests is in quantum dimensions also known as parallel universes. She is excited to share with you this library of meditations to help you access the parallel dimensions you are currently co-existing in.




Julie is honored to channel METATRON a beautiful archangel and master teacher that is here to assist us in our expansion and evolution as a species and a planet. Metatron is known as ENOCH in the bible and is said to have been taken up to Heaven and was appointed guardian of all the celestial treasures, chief of the archangels, and the immediate attendant on God's throne.

The 2016 & 2017 channelings of Metatron are transcribed on Julie's blog and you can also find the audio recordings there as well.




If you are having any issues accessing any of the links above or with any component of our member program feel free to call me at 715-833-1096, leave a message on my machine and I will respond as soon as I can or the quickest way to reach me is VIA MESSENGER and of course, email always works.


DIAMOND Spiritual Mentorship 


If you signed up for the DIAMOND SPIRITUAL MENTORSHIP PROGRAM you get access to everything outlined above PLUS a private reading with me, Julie, every single month! First I tune in and connect with your Spiritual Team and Archangel Metatron, then I pull cards (I work with 8 different decks) and share some insights then we move into the discussion where you can ask questions or get clarity on specific situations in your life.


Many have found this monthly mentorship quite transformational and healing. Learn more HERE.


Again, we are here for you (Metatron and all of the masters I work with).


We care about you and we want your experience here in our INNER CIRCLE to be a positive and long-standing one. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to improve our membership area do not hesitate to let us know. We truly value your feedback and input.


 Angel Hugs