We’d be a perfect fit if you are…

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself, your family or the world.
  • Needing help to get a clearer picture on a circumstance or person.
  • Stuck in a situation and need a different perspective.
  • Confused and uncertain about people, career or experiences in your life.
  • Wanting to connect with a loved one who has passed to find closure.

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NEW CLIENTS or Repeat Clients
One 75 minute Session:  $200.00

Sign up for the SPA Combo session if you are a NEW CLIENT or repeat client and…

    • Are you curious about what it would be like to have a Psychic or a Medium reading?
  • Are you wanting to have a clearer picture of your future and where your life is headed?
  • Are you ready to move forward in your life and wanting to heal and release the past?
  • Also, good if you are interested in Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counseling or Past Life Regression.

This is where everyone begins.  

This session is designed to be a little longer so we can take our time to get to know each other and delve deeper into your life and any blocks that may be preventing you from being happy and successful.

PSYCHIC SPA: I work with 6 Angel Card decks: Romance Angels, Life Purpose Angels, Messages from your Angels, Healing with the Angels, Archangel Deck, Fairy Deck and the Animal Medicine deck.  Working with several decks really allows me to see patterns in your life and reveal many insights into your future.  If time allows we also explore numerology and the Spirit Guide that is with you right now.

MEDIUM Reading: Since my father passed in 1991 I have the ability to communicate with loved ones who have died.  Not only can I help you connect with loved ones who have passed and find closure in your life, but I can teach you how to communicate with your loved one on your own.  You do not need a Medium to talk to your loved ones on the other side, but you can learn much from a Medium on how you can do this for yourself.

To make the most of a Medium Reading:

  1. Meditate the night before you go to sleep and ask your loved one to join us for the session.
  2. Be sure to have something in your hands of your loved one during the reading, this helps us make a stronger and clearer connection.

Do you have specific questions you’d like to ask?  

I work with a “Percent of Value” chart I have devised myself along with a pendulum, and I can give approximate predictions for time-frame and help you clearly decide, without a doubt, what’s in your highest good and what direction to take in your life. The chart also works well in a Medium reading to confirm information that comes through.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Zoom 30m $75Zoom

One 30 minute Session: $110.00
Sign up for the ZOOM session and…

  • Delve a little deeper into a situation to see the bigger picture.
  • Become laser-focused on what direction to move in.

How we’ll ZOOM into action:

  1. Meditate 10 minutes prior to the session on your situation and set the intention that your dilemma be resolved and that you will gain insights into what your next best step will be by the time the session is over.
  2. During the session you can ask specific questions and get real answers as your guides work through me to assist you on this earth journey.

Schedule now:  Payment must be made through the online scheduling program at time of booking.  All appointments via phone (only 50+ minute sessions have the option of in-person appointments).
I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


DISTANT HEALING via John of God Crystal Bed – Single Session

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Hypnotherapy – Single Session

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


DISTANT HEALING via John of God Crystal Bed Package

52 remote sessions

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


Hypnotherapy Smoke-Free Program

This program includes 2 sessions. The first one is in person, by phone or skype.

The second follow-up session is by phone only.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


A program would be the perfect fit if you are…

  • Ready to raise your vibrational frequency and engage the Law of Attraction.
  • Tired of negative chatter in your head & ready to shift into a more loving way of being.
  • Interested in activating your intuition & aligning with your soul purpose.
  • Ready to step into the mission you came here to accomplish and serve in a bigger way.
  • Want the BEST RATE for my services.
  • You know 1 session isn’t going to be enough.

Program #1:   Psychic Coaching

Psychic CoachingPsychic Coaching – Business or Personal
Three 30 minute Sessions: $300
($30 savings)

Choose this option if you are:
An entrepreneur and wanting some good, solid feedback on what to do in your business or your personal life.  Statistics say we make over 35,000 decisions every single day, this can be quite daunting.

Imagine if you will…having access to your own team of Angels and Guides in the spiritual realm.  Julie works on the spiritual level helping you align with your soul purpose in every decision you make.

This program focuses primarily on helping you make good decisions in everything you do from managing your time, to handling clients and marketing your products and services to running a family and creating harmony in your marriage.

We each have a spiritual team that is constantly guiding and directing us in everything we do and when we can tap into the power of this information it makes life easy and effortless.  Julie will not only do this for you, but she will show you how to do it for yourself, teaching you a few tips and tricks to activate your own intuition and unleash your divine potential! 

This program comes with three 30 minute sessions to be used within a 1 year time-frame any unused sessions are forfeited.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh


Program #2:  Transformation Intensive

transformationThree 75 minute sessions: $550
($50.00 savings) 

Choose this option “only” if you are…
Ready to dive head first into the most amazing experience of your lifetime!  Reconnect with your soul, reveal your purpose, and unleash your Divine Potential!

Get ready to open up to your gift of knowing.

We meet every other week (or monthly) via phone or skype for one hour. Realign your vibrational frequency to reactivate your intuition thereby unleashing your divine potential, with Julie Geigle as your personal International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Hypnotherapist & Soul Coach as your guide!  

If you’ve chosen this option you are ready to create a new reality, excited to leave behind limiting beliefs, remove blocks that are holding you back and reclaim your Divine greatness by activating your power.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience ~ this journey is about “remembering” who you are. This program focuses solely on aligning with your highest good to live the life you desire by creating a true shift and transformation in your life.

During the 3 intensive soul sessions you will learn what it means to live mindfully, how to quiet your mind so you can connect directly with the plethora of angelic support that’s available for you and you alone, how to use the 3rd dimension to accomplish tasks and to begin living in the 5th dimension and higher where you are in total and complete alignment with your Spiritual self: pure love…pure light…pure harmony. 

 Are you Ready to Begin?

This program comes with three 60 minute sessions to be used within a 1 year time-frame any unused sessions are forfeited.

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh