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Julie was very kind and accurate. She also went the extra mile to encourage me a week or so later. I would HIGHLY recommend Julie to help you choose your path.  ~ Blessed Mom


Julie was fantastic! Really good, caring, and in tune. Recommend!  ~ Becci11


Thank you for such a great reading, you were spot on and clear. Will be in touch again. ~ Peter in Australia


Julie was great she validated everything I was feeling. I will be calling her again. She answered every question. Thanks.
~ Lauren57


Julie! Thank you for bringing positive insight to many difficult situations that have been triggers for me. Your professionalism and love from which you operate is very much appreciated. I feel great! Thank you!   ~ Lance Lee


Julie dealt with me compassionately and professionally. She is highly insightful. I came away assured that (a) my parents are still near me, (b) my wife needs time to process some things, and I need to give her space to do that, and (c) happiness will be mine. Those are valuable and reassuring things to know. I highly recommend Julie and certainly plan to consult with her again. ~ Bruce Anderson


I called Julie while very distraught over a failing relationship. Her prediction was not for the “happily ever after” I might’ve hoped for. However (and more importantly) she was accurate. I appreciated so much her ability to be direct, see right to the heart of the matter, and offer loads of compassion. While still a bit sad over where things are at, I look forward to further readings from Julie. I feel she offers valuable insight and guidance.   ~ Kari Anne


Thank you Julie ! For the great reading & insight. Very helpful to know the areas I need to focus on as well as the ones I need to let go. I highly recommend your services to all looking for spiritual clarity ! Love & Light ~  Barbara Ashley


Julie is one of the most gifted psychics I know. She has a unique blend of being very direct and loving at the same time and this brings her readings to an entirely different level. Not only is she psychic but she has a wide array of tools in her tool box to move you forward quickly.   Michele Bergh


Julie is an Amazing Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium…. I have known her since she was eight yrs old. I have been involved in many healings with her myself, and also witnessed many others.  We have worked closely together for several years now on a weekly basis channeling Archangel Metatron whom is a very strong being. If you are WILLING she is ABLE to assist you on your Spiritual Journey.   Many Blessings to all ~   Kathy Boone


The Channeling of Archangel Metatron was AMAZING…It was as if she and Archangel Metatron were viewing my life for the last couple of months. I have to stay positive and not fall into a rut over my job situation and let my creative outlet of writing become the dream that I am here for love and light to the world!! Thank you Archangel Metatron and Julie…I still have chills from your voice..it is soooooo confirmed that I was in the presence of an Archangel!!!     ~Kimberly P. Ford

Julie is a beautiful and gifted channel and her work bringing forward the powerful and loving energies of Metatron is a blessing. Metatron offers high-vibrational guidance and healing that is helpful for personal concerns as well as for global issues, and the gift of Metatronic energy is not soon forgotten.    ~Deborah Weber

Thank you for being so instrumental on setting me back on my true path.    ~Simone Salmon


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